For Joomla 3 to create web pages for display in a browser, it requires a front end template. A Joomla 3+ installation comes with two front end templates included. These two templates are Protostar and Beez3. Backend templates display the Administrative menus needed for accessing the site's settings and uploading content and images.

In addition there are hundreds of 3rd party templates available that will display your Joomla 3+ in a web browser. These may be free or come at a cost. Some may be quite simple, others have extensive features for customization and functionality.

What does the front end template do?

A template is a Joomla extension that determines the appearance and layout of the web pages for your site. 

Each template will have a file called index.php that uses HTML, PHP and Joomla API statements to pull in the necessary style sheets, JavaScript files and content from the database and from files for displaying the web page.

Where is the template located in the Joomla 3 file system?

All front end templates for a Joomla site are located in the templates directory.

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