If you make even the slightest change to your Protostar template, you run the risk of losing the changes when you do a Joomla upgrade or migration. The Protostar template is included with a Joomla 3+ template and the files will be overwritten when you do an upgrade.

You have three ways of dealing with this:

Replace the files with the old ones from a backup after you run the upgrade

This will work in most cases. There usually aren't major changes to the template from one 3+ version to another 3+ version. You do run the risk of losing any security or layout improvements that were created for the new version. There may be things that were changed in the Joomla core files, that the new Protostar template utilizes. For instance from Joomla 3.0 to Joomla 3.2, HTML5 elements were added to the Protostar template. Things like this could cause major layout and appearance problems if your styles targeted the original elements.

Replace the edits in the new files

If you were methodical about your edits, kept a log of the edits, and put comments next to all edits, you can fairly easily repeat the edits.

Create a copy of the Protostar template

If you go through the proper steps to copy your Protostar and rename the copy, you do not need to worry about your changes being lost when you upgrade Joomla. This is a safe way of approaching the customization process. You do need to recognize that your copied template will not have any improvements that are made to Protostar with each upgrade. You copied template will not receive the security patches or framework changes that the Protostar template has undergone.

You can not just copy the folders and files of the Protostar template using FTP. The information and links to the template will not have been made properly and Joomla will still use the original template, not the copy.

You can not just rename the Protostar template in Template Manager. There is an option in the initial Template Manager screen to rename the template. This process just displays a new name for the template, it does not actually rename the folders. You still run the risk of losing any customization with a Joomla upgrade.

You must take the proper steps through Template Manager to copy a template.

How to create a copy of the Protostar Template

Step 1:

Go into Extensions -> Template Manager and click on the name of the template in the Template column that you want to copy. In this example, we select Protostar.


Clicking on the template name will take you to the Template Manager: Customise Template screen.

Step 2:


Click on the button that reads Copy Template and a popup window will appear. Enter the new name for your template in the text box then select the Copy Template button.

If you were to look at your site's directory with an FTP program you would see that there is a new folder with the name of your new template. This has a copy of all the files and folders that were in your original template.

By using this method of copying the template, the templateDetails.xml file for your new template will have been edited to reflect the name of the new template.

Step 3:

Be sure your new copied template is set as the default in Template Manager.

If you want to edit the layout in index.php, create a custom position, create a custom stylesheet, you do it all in the new template.

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