Your Joomla Text Editor is the box where you write the content for your articles, the description for your categories and the content for your Custom HTML modules.

The default text editor is TinyMCE. You can, and we suggest that your do, install the free JCE Editor Extension. Once this is installed, you must select it as the default text editor in Global Configuration.

These text editors should not be used like a word processor to apply styles the content.

The text Editor is simply a graphic user interface for HTML that is inserted into the web page. If you toggle the editor, you will see the HTML markup that will be put into the page. You need to recognize this when creating content for two major reasons:

  • The search engines are set up to read HTML and give more importance to heading tags
  • The stylesheet should be used to style the page, not the text editor. Forcing colors, bold text, font-sizes in the text editor creates inline styling that cannot be overwritten by the stylesheet

Things you should and should not do with the text editor:

Do Not:

Make paragraph, <p>, text larger with larger fonts by using the font-size dropdown and use them as headings for your article.


Use heading tags for the headings in the article, Heading 1 <h1>, Heading 2 <h2>, Heading 3 <h3> tags.

HTML heading tags should be styled with the stylesheet to stay consistent throughout the site and to make site wide changes much much easier.


Toggle the text editor to add class assignments to areas of text that you want to appear differently. You can also set up JCE Editor to link to your stylesheet and have the classes show up in the styles dropdown.

Again this goes back to the consistent look of the site and the ease of changes.

Do Not:

Cut or copy text from Microsoft Word or other word processors and place it directly into the text editor. When you cut and paste, all sorts of styling comes along with it. Either use a text editor like Notepad or use a text editor feature that strips the styling out of the pasted content.


Toggle the text editor to check the HTML when troubleshooting styling issues. There can be some inline styling that is overriding your stylesheet. Sometime the text editor will put inline styling on your text without you knowing about it.

Illustration for the importance of Heading Tags

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