If you add Tags to your articles or Categories, Joomla will by default show those tags laid out horizontally right under the title of the page. If you have tags and they are not showing up on the page, you need to enable Tags in the Global Configuration for Articles.

If you wish to have these Tags show up at the bottom of the article, you need to create a Template Override for Articles and move the php call for the tags to the bottom of the page.d

If you are not running Joomla 3.2+, you need to manually create the Template Override file. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Template Overrides, you can read more about them at this link to the joom3 article:

Link to: Template Overrides

Steps for moving the Tags to the bottom of the article in Joomla 3.2

Step 1: To create the Template Override, go into Extensions -> Template Manager. Click on the name of the default site template in the Template column (not the Style column).

Step 2: Select the Create Overrides tab. Click on com_content -> article. This will create a Template Override file and place it in the html folder of your default template. A green bar will appear along the top telling you that you were successful.

Step 3: Select the Editor tab. Click on html -> com_content -> article -> default.php. The file will appear in a text editor.

Step 4: Look for this set of lines about halfway down the page.

<?php if ($params->get('show_tags', 1) && !empty($this->item->tags)) : ?>
    <?php $this->item->tagLayout = new JLayoutFile('joomla.content.tags'); ?>
    <?php echo $this->item->tagLayout->render($this->item->tags->itemTags); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Step 5: Either cut these lines (CNTL+X) or copy them (CNTL + C) and comment them out with a /* after each <?php and */ before each ?>.

Step 6: Scroll to the bottom of the page and paste the lines in right before this line:

<?php echo $this->item->event->afterDisplayContent; ?> </div>

Step 7: Save the file by clicking Save or Save & Close at the top of the page.

If you did these steps correctly, the tags should now appear at the bottom of the article.

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