Situation: Your web site has a Category Blog page. This is a page created by a Category Blog Menu Item. The page displays all of the articles assigned to a specific category. There is a set number of "intro" articles as per your Global Configuration for blogs or the individual Menu Item settings. Below the "intro" articles, there is a list of titles for the remainder of the articles in this category.

You find that the Blog page is showing the complete article and not just the "intro" portion with a "Read More" link to the entire article on its own page.

What you need to do is open up the article in Article Manager and place your cursor at a logical place for the break. You can put the Read More break in by clicking on the "Read More" button below the text editor. What this does is put a line of HTML into the article that instructs Joomla to stop displaying any more of the article on the Blog page and also to put in a "Read More" link to the complete article on its own page. If you were to toggle the editor to HTML mode, you will see a line as shown below:

<hr id="system-readmore" />

Is there a way to automatically insert the "Read More" break after a certain number of characters?

The default Joomla core does not have this feature at this time. There are 3rd party extensions and templates that will do this in their own manner.

A "Read More" is different than a "Page Break"

A "Read More" break is for the "intro" for the article on the blog page for that category. A "Page Break" is for when you want to paginate lengthy articles. "Page Break" will add pagination features, such as 1, 2, 3, ... for each page of the article and it can add Prev and Next for navigation purposes.

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