How do I put a logo on my site with the Protostar Template?

To have the Protostar Template load your logo into the <header> section of the page, you need to upload the image file through the Template Manager.

  1. Extensions -> Template Manager
  2. Click on protostar in the Style column
  3. Select the Advanced tab
  4. Click on Select to the right of Logo
  5. This brings up a dialog box where you can select an image that has been uploaded previously or you can upload an image (you likely need to scroll down to get to the file upload).
  6. If you do upload it, you then need to click on the image and be sure it shows up in the Image URL box.
  7. Click Insert
  8. The path to the logo image should show up in the text box (though the box isn't big enough to show a very long path).
  9. Click Save at the top and test that it was uploaded properly.


By uploading an image for the logo into the template through the Template Manager, it will take out the Title because of this either/or situation caused by the lines in index.php:

// Logo file or site title param
if ($this->params->get('logoFile'))
        $logo = '<img src="'. JUri::root() . $this->params->get('logoFile') .'" alt="'. $sitename .'" />';
elseif ($this->params->get('sitetitle'))
        $logo = '<span class="site-title" title="'. $sitename .'">'. htmlspecialchars($this->params->get('sitetitle')) .'</span>';
        $logo = '<span class="site-title" title="'. $sitename .'">'. $sitename .'</span>';

If you want a logo and a name for your site, you can enter the name you wish under description in the Advanced tab of the Template Manager.

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