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The Protostar template for Joomla 3+ has a set number of default module positions. These position names appear in the Position dropdown list in the when creating and editing individual Modules.

The location for each position within the framework of the page is determined in the index.php file for the Protostar template. 

When creating new styles for Modules in these positions, you need to target the HTML container for this position not the position name itself. The position name is not generated in the HTML for the web page. For example, if you want to style something that was placed in position-7, your styling should target elements contained in <div id="sidebar"> or #sidebar.

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Module positions for Joomla 3 Protostar Template

Protostar's flexible content area

The content area is where the main content for the page is placed. This may be an Article, a Category Blog, Category List, Contact information or other types of content as defined by the Menu Item that creates that page.

There is a series of PHP if elseif statements that test if any module was placed into position-7 or position-8 then adjusts the span class for the main content area accordingly.

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Joomla 3+ - Protostar Content Area

Why are Protostar's position names not more descriptive?

You may wonder why the position names for the Protostar template have numbers instead of descriptive names. By using numbers, the positions can be moved to other places in the framework by editing the index.php. 

What happens to the positions if I switch to a different template?

Each template will have it's own set of position names. Even if the position name is the same, the new template may not place the module in the same location on the page. If you do switch templates after you have set up modules for the Protostar template, the modules may not appear on the web page. You will need to go into those particular modules and assign positions that apply to the new template.


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