If you are using Tags, and someone clicks on a specific tag at the top of the article, they should be taken to a page with a list of all articles with that tag.

Global Configuration for Tags

If you want to have the name of the Tag show up at the top of the list of articles, you need to change the default settings in the Global Configuration for Tags. For some reason this is set to not show the tag name.

Global Configuration for Tags

Change these settings so that the tag name shows up at the top of the page, also the tag description.

Bug Report

When you set this up to display the title, there is a bug and the title of the site shows up instead of the tag name.

There is a bug report on this , but it has not been fixed in the Joomla installation as of Joomla 3.2.3. Click here for the bug report.

There is a workaround, but you must create a Template Override for the core file and edit the Override file. If you have Joomla 3.2+, you can create a Template Override from the Administrative Menu. See this article from joom3 if you are unfamiliar with the concept: Creating-template-overrides-in-joomla-3-2

Step 1: Go into Extensions -> Template Manager. Click on the name of your default template in the Template column (not the Style column).

Step 2: Select the Create Overrides tab. And click on com_tags -> tag. This automatically creates an override and places it in the html folder of your template. A green bar will show up at the top of the page indicating that your override has been created.

Step 3: Select the Editor tab, click on html -> com_tags -> tag -> default.php. This brings up the override file in the text editor.

Step 4: Look for the following lines:

<?php if ($this->params->get('show_tag_title', 1)) : ?>
        <?php echo JHtml::_('content.prepare', $this->document->title, '', 'com_tag.tag'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Replace it with this:

<?php if($this->params->get('show_tag_title', 1)) : ?>
        <?php /*echo JHtml::_('content.prepare', $this->document->title, '', 'com_tag.tag');*/ ?>
        <?php echo JHtml::_('content.prepare', $this->item[0]->title, '', 'com_tag.tag'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Note: By commenting out the incorrect line with /*....*/ you know what has been changed and can easily recover the original state if necessary.

Save the file by clicking on Save at the top of the page.

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