When creating or editing a Module in Module Manager, you must select a Position from the dropdown list in order for it to appear on the web page. You must select a position for the template that you are using. This list has all of the position names for all of the install front end templates, so it is possible that you selected a position that does not exist for your template. It is also possible that the Module was not assigned to the page in Menu Assignment tab.

If you have created a Module and it is not appearing on the web page, here is a list of things to check:

  • Did you pick a position from the template that you are using?
  • Is the module published?
  • Is it assigned to all the pages in which you want it to appear in the Menu Assignment of the Module Manager for that module.
  • In the Menu Assignment, be sure that you have correctly chosen On all pages, No pages, Only on the pages selected, On all pages except those selected
  • Double check the check boxes for the various pages under the Menu Assignment tab of Module Manager for that module
  • Check the order of the modules for that position
  • You can't assign modules to appear on pages that are not associated with a Menu Item. The Menu Items shown in the Menu Assignment tab are those created in Menu Manager. They may be Single Articles, Category Blogs, Category Lists, Contact items, etc.

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